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Outlaw Magazine

Nik Havert of Outlaw Magazine reviewed Cody Jasper’s debut album and we are so incredibly honored to be featured. Outlaw country greats like Waylon, Willie and Shooter have inspired Cody since childhood and to be featured along with names like that means so much. For the full article, please visit:

New Slang Lubbock

Cody sat down with New Slang Lubbock for an all access, no questions off limit interview, that really brought out some awesome revelations. The full article is available:

Amarillo Globe News

Blues-rock artist Jasper to celebrate debut album announced the Amarillo Globe News; featuring a interview with Cody Jasper, writer Chip Chandler gets Cody to open up about how his songs are written off real life experiences and emotion. To view the article in its entirety please visit:

Mix 94.7 Austin Live & Local

Cody Jasper participated in the Mix 94.7 Austin Live & Local  podcast on February 18th, with MC Overload, Patrick Davis, Brian Gaar and Cody Bryan. You can listen to the whole podcast by searching Austin live and local from your podcast icon on you apple product or by listing online at:

Do512: 5 Questions

FTMOA(From The Mind of Adi): 5 Questions with Cody Jasper interview was featured this week on Cody Jasper sat down with Adi to answer questions about his influences, his opinions, and his favorite tacos. To view the whole interview follow this link:

Austin 360 Music Picks

Austin 360 chooses 7 shows a week to feature and for the week of February 14th-20th, Austin 360 chose Cody Jasper! You can read the full article here at: